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What counts as a miracle?

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

     Typically when we think of a miracle, we think of something so huge and extraordinary that it’s almost beyond the realm of what we conceive as possible, like a blind man gaining his sight, or a terminally ill woman being fully healed.  Yet every day many miracles are happening all around us.  To see them however, requries us to adjust our attitudes and open our sight so we filter our lives through lenses of amazement and wonder.
     The colors in the sky when the sun is setting…The colors on a plate of fresh fruit and vegetables…The glow of the moon in its many forms throughout the month…The sun reflecting in a rainbow prism…The feel of rain on a warm day…The joy of sensation that comes from ice cream melting in your mouth…Chocolate softening on your tongue…The smell, taste, and texture of fresh baked bread…A kiss…A hug…A song that magically plucks your heart strings…An idea that surges energy and excitement throughout your body…These are miracles that we can experience in every day life.
     One of my favorite miracles is when the items I want from the supermarket happen to be on sale when I go to buy them.  The other day, I forgot to take out my trash which usually gets collected at the crack of dawn.  Suddenly I remembered, and seeing the trash hadn’t been picked up yet, I dragged my cans to the street, only to arrive exactly as the trash truck was turning on my road.  This to me felt like a miracle! 
     Whenever I notice one, I experience deep gratitude for it. 
     Miracles are all around us.  We don’t have to make them happen.  We only need to slow down enough and open our vision to notice the ones that are happening, all around us, in every moment, and see them for what they are.  The more miracles you notice, the more there are to see.
     How will you change your vision to see the miracles around you?