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What are you hearing?

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Active listening is truly challenging…Not only can it be hard to keep your own mind quiet enough to hear what someone else is saying, every word used triggers certain definitions and feelings in us that may or may not be what the other person means.  It can be very challenging to not want to say something back, to defend, or illuminate for the other person.  And so often, what we hear versus what the other person means can be very different.

Yet being heard and feeling heard can be one of the most intimate acts two human beings can engage in.

I invite you to be conscious of how well you’re hearing what is being said to you, and rather than make assumptions or build whole stories based on a few words according to your own definitions, consider asking more questions, gaining more clarification of what someone actually means.

Looking the Wrong Way

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Unfortunately it can be very easy to assume our lover isn’t loving us up the way we want to be loved when it doesn’t look exactly like what we think it “should”.

Most everyone wants to feel valued, appreciated, cherished, and adored by our mate.
However, my mate might show me all of these things in ways I don’t notice or count, so I miss them and feel unloved instead.

The more you value, appreciate, cherish, and adore the thoughtful actions your spouse does make towards you, the more you will be able to see that you are receiving the very thing you want from them, even if it’s not how you originally thought you wanted it.

The Universe works in the same way — much of the gifts you receive will not show up in the way you expect — don’t miss them by refusing to see what does arrive for you, and value the goodness in what you are given.

Nature vs Nurture

Monday, April 14th, 2014

What do you listen to more: your head or your heart?

Over time it often becomes easier to listen to your head rather than your heart, after all, your head is constantly speaking to you and often quite loudly.
The voice of the heart sounds more like whispers and can best be heard when your mind has been quieted through mediation or mindfulness.

Love comes from the heart.
Fear comes from the mind.

A life lived in love is much more pleasurable than a life lived in fear.

I invite you to start tuning out the fear based thoughts of your mind and start tuning into the whispers of loving thoughts from your heart.


Monday, February 17th, 2014

It’s important to have things that inspire feelings of excitement and joy within you.

This energy fosters creativity and pleasure that can support you in remaining positive as you navigate through life’s challenges.

Whether it’s an upcoming event you’re looking forward to or ideally something in this very day that makes your heart beat fuller and faster, I invite you to consciously connect to the sensations of excitement.
Create the excitement!
Conjure your passion!

As you see the possibilities and feel the pleasures, your whole day will brighten and you will feel more alive…
That’s exciting!

As you are

Monday, November 25th, 2013

How often do you find yourself feeling like you ‘should’ be doing more?
Have you ever asked yourself, why?

Who you are in this moment is more than enough.  Everything you do is also enough.

If you feel you ‘should’ be doing more, consider why you aren’t?  Could it be that you’re doing enough in this moment, but impatience is getting the best of you?  Or do you have a voice in your head that says nothing you do is ever enough?  Where is your validation along the journey of life coming from?  Will it really matter in the end if you travel 10 squares versus 12 in the game of your life?  Or will it matter more how you feel while you’re traveling?

As long as you are aware, continuing to take steps on your path toward where you want to go, and resting when that is what is required, I invite you to make peace within yourself as you play out the journey of your life.

Being yourself in today, without pressuring yourself to be something other than who you are in this moment, you will give yourself the greatest present, which ultimately will lead you to your greatest life.


Monday, October 14th, 2013

Did you know most women take 45 minutes to become fully aroused?
Did you know most sexual encounters last between 15-30 minutes?

Are you doing the math?

If you’re a woman, when’s the last time you remember being completely turned on and aroused?
If you’re a man, when’s the last time you gave your woman more than 45 minutes of sexual engagement?

It doesn’t mean you can’t have an orgasm in less time, or enjoy a quickie, but know that if you put the degree of time and attention into your sexual pleasure, amazing rewards can result.
Full arousal is HOT.

Women, if you’re man isn’t up for it, you can always warm yourself up so when you get active with him you’ll hit your full arousal point!

A joy of being in the human body is experiencing sexual pleasure…Value it and value yourself.  It’s worth your time and energy.

Aim High

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Have you ever stopped to think about what you truly want in your life?

Have you ever evaluated whose voice is speaking your answers?  Is it your own?  Your parents? Your spouse?  Society?

How “realistic” do you keep your goals?

I invite you today to visualize a blank canvas.  Fill it with the most incredible, joyful, fantastical, surreal dreams, goals, and desires that make you excited and giddy with glee.  These are your personal dreams and goals.  This is your possible future.

You are the artist of your own life.  If your picture is dull, boring, uninspired, or not what you desire, paint it over.

See it, believe it, then create it.  Aim high.


Being liked or being you

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Having published my first book, 3 Pillows Down, I am now open to some people liking me through my work, and others not, perhaps even taking it to the degree of others even ridiculing or attacking my work.  Now, being ourselves and being liked do not have to be mutually exclusive.  However, if you’re being your self, standing up for what you believe in, expressing thoughts that feel real and important to you, then you are achieving true expression that can invite others to contemplate and examine their own lives.  In this way, you are truly making a difference.

However, if your focus is on always pleasing others and being what you think they want you to be in order to gain their approval and be liked by them, then you are not being you.  You are not actually living your life, and ultimately you are not growing and achieving your own purpose.  It is near impossible to please everyone.

I used to want everyone to like me.  Then I realized, I must like myself.  From this place, I can be secure enough to handle other people’s responses to me, both positive or negative, of which I get both.  Really their responses are all about them anyway.  Yet if my own presence is strong enough and true to me, then I will more likely evoke response in others.  Some may adore me and others may abhor me.  Either way, I’m inviting them to think and examine something enough to create a reaction in them.  This is achievement!

Aim high!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

How often do you find you are “talking yourself out” of what you want to do?

To truly feel alive and excited in life involves taking the risk of pursuing what your heart and soul desire.  The act of “going for it” will bring untold and surprising rewards along the way and will take you somewhere wonderful, whether it is where you are expecting or somewhere you had not imagined.

To me, the measure of success isn’t reaching your exact goal in an exact way.  I believe success comes from the act of opening and stretching yourself positively toward something that calls to you and engages all parts of your being.  This act IS success.  Wherever it leads, you will experience a joyful journey to a desirable destination.

Listen within.  Go for a dream.  Be open to how it unfolds….Aim high and hit!

Who do you follow?

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

We all grow up wanting to please our parents, even if it’s not what pleases us.  For example, we may want to stay up late on a school night, while they want us to get to bed on time.  While this kind of guidance serves us as we grow up, especially when it comes to learning about safety issues, we gain habits and patterns during this time that we then sustain way longer than the patterns continue to serve us.  The larger pattern is one that encourages us to make choices about our life not listening to what we want, but based upon what we believe other people will think, or what other people have led us to believe is possible, or sensible.  As a result, we can often travel very far away from what our heart is whispering to us.  We may find we’re living a life that we “should” be happy about, or that looks perfect from the inside out, yet we are not happy.

If this is you, ask yourself, “whose life am I living?”  Is it the one that others have told you will be right for you?  Or are you making life choices whispered from your own intuitive guidance?  It is in these heart whisperings that we uncover the decisions that are right for us, regardless of the judgments and opinions of society, family, and friends.

No matter how well intentioned other people in your life may be, they can only know what’s “right” for them.  The only way to live the life that is truly “right” for you, is to take the steps that are illuminated by your own heart.