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Karen Jayne is a certified professional life coach, specializing in relationship, intimacy, and sexual energy, as well as the author of 3 Pillows Down. She is a graduate of the premiere coaching school, iPEC, and has also received her ACC accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. She received her BA from the University of Michigan, with high honors in Sociology.

Karen Jayne currently coaches individuals, couples, and small groups. She is also a practitioner at The Healing Consciousness Foundation supporting breast cancer patients in achieving comprehensive self-healing. Karen also teaches a 6 week course on implementing and integrating The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz into daily living. Additionally, she leads numerous workshops and talks based on different aspects of sexual energy, how to access, cultivate, nurture and sustain it within oneself and one’s primary relationship. Her platform is to support all women, regardless of age, relationship status, or physical shape, in embracing, valuing, and exulting their sexual nature. Karen Jayne believes sexual energy is a creative life force that feeds upon itself. The more it is nurtured the more you have. The more you have, the better you feel within yourself and in all aspects of life.

Through her coaching, Karen started to observe how people’s sex lives can be an amazing tool to reveal an accurate and authentic reflection of how you are engaging in all areas of your life. It is also a playground of opportunity to initiate and create changes in the patterns that are not bringing you the results you desire. The patterns in your sexual expression mirror the patterns of personal expression in all areas of your life. She has since supported many women in using their sex lives in conjunction with other tools and techniques to create sustainable results for attaining and maintaining more of what they truly desire in their life.